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Special Shipments

Military Hardware: Please see picture of 107 Scimitar Tanks and 4 special heavy duty Trucks handled from origin in Belgium up to Aqaba, Jordan.

We have dedicated agents worldwide which handle Military Shipments and are specialized in non- general cargo transports requiring intimate knowledge of export requirements and with the relevant terms of transport for military equipment and armaments (export licenses, end user certificates and regulations governing transport in transit countries, airports and ports).

Aircraft Engines: Please see attached pictures of Aircraft Engines handled and shipped by SKILL Express Freight for our various clients. Some of the aircraft engines weighed 7400 kgs and needed special handling and loading procedures in order to ensure safe arrival at destination.

Aircraft Landing Gear: Please see attached pictures of Aircraft Landing Gear Handled and shipped by SKILL Express Freight. We regularly ship landing gear; most recently 5 landing gears with a combined weight of 11000 kgs.

Dangerous Goods Shipments: SKILL Express Freight agents overseas are all fully qualified and experienced in handling Dangerous Goods Shipments and are specialized in handling such shipments.

Oil Well Drilling Equipment: SKILL Express Freight has extensive experience in uplifting and shipping complete turnkey key oil well drilling equipment. Recently, we have moved several hundred tons of Oil Well Drill Pipes, Oil Well Equipment and Accessories from Harlingen in the Netherlands to Um Qasr, Iraq. We are now in the process of arranging the second phase of this move to Iraq with options of shipping to both Um Qasr port in Southern Iraq and to Latakia, Syrias main seaport on the Mediterranean for onword forwarding to northern Iraq. Please see pictures in our Gallery of the complete site at Harlingen in which we have moved a very big number of 20 and 40 Sea Containers along with oversized pieces of oil well equipment requiring flat rack containers, special handling, loading equipment and expertise to ensure safe, on time arrival with no damages or irregularities.